Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Home Improvements

This is the front of my house. I have never been fond of the before/after photo pairing because the befores always look so bad. Before this afternoon there were two big, overbearing bushes flanking the stairs and the paint on the railing was patchy at best. The two oldest boys did their best to cut down the bushes and I painted the railing. Now I want to paint the stairs and porch but I have to wash it down first then let it dry and it's going to rain Thursday and Friday. Maybe that will be a project for next week. Tomorrow I can plant the rest of the bulbs, plants and trees I bought. The boys will be happy to cut down more bushes and rip up more vines for me leaving me to do the digging and heavy lifting.

My husband, wonderful man that he is, says the landscaping exists to make me happy so if I'm not happy with it, I should change it.

Am I lucky or what?

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