Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My office

Not many people read this blog - it is new and somewhat unattended but just the idea that I said I'd post pictures of my office once I had it cleaned out had me working to make sure I'd have it done today while it was still light out so I could take pictures.

This is my sewing table. It's really a small kitchen table that I plan to stain this weekend. The wood is rather pretty so I am going with a very light finish. The chair is on loan from the dining room and clashes horribly with everything in here, so it will be replaced as the budget allows.

To the right of the sewing table is an empty spot, waiting for a comfortable reading chair, preferably with an ottoman so I can stretch out and really get comfortable.

This is my writing table, where I am sitting right now. To the right of the table is a nifty 3 bookshelf setup that my son thought up - two bookshelves back to back and one more spanning the sides so they make up a cube of sorts. It also blocks my view of the door so I don't keep looking out to see what mayhem the children are up to.

Who says I have too many projects going on? I had a great idea for these shelves for next year. Plan out all the holiday gifts I want to make and put what I need to make them up on the shelves so I can see them all year and (hopefully) be inspired to work on them. These shelves were kindergarten open lockers but putting the whole unit on its side makes for a great storage unit. These shelves are between the writing desk and the space for a comfy reading chair.

The artwork was bought at Boskone. The one on the left is called "Plague" by Alan Pollack and the one on the right is "Soft Landing" by Sarah Clemens.

I love my office. It's peaceful and relaxing and it inspires me to get work done in here - whether craft related or writing related.

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