Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Musings

Last week my kids complained about breakfast. They are sick of 'the same old 7 things week after week'. The same old 7 things are: donut muffins (basic muffin with lots of nutmeg), pumpkin gingerbread, pancakes, spice muffins (cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, mace, cloves), banana bread, cinnamon bread toast and bacon and eggs.

All this food is made from scratch (well, not the bacon and eggs) either the night before or early in the morning - it's my ideal way to start a morning. A fresh, warm home made breakfast with recipes I've tweaked to make them healthier but still yummy.

They just want me to buy cereal.

So I've been on breakfast food strike. I haven't made anything for them for about 5 mornings now and they're now sick of having to fend for themselves. They ran out of cereal fairly quickly and the boys who can make pancakes are tired of that as well. Now they're sick of their last option, eggs.

Maybe it's time to start back up with the yummy home made breakfast foods. I have tried a million different breakfast foods and the reason they keep getting these is they're the only ones everyone will eat. Can you believe the kids won't eat blueberry muffins?

The problem is they hurt my feelings. I work hard to make sure they have good foods every day and they'd rather have take out pizza and cold cereal. I'm trying to rise above the whole thing, but I'm feeling very unappreciated.

I know once they move out and go to college they'll be amazed at how life in the 'real world' is and how hard it is to get a good spice muffin but I don't think I want to wait that long for appreciation.

So, what should I do? I think new recipes are in order, but I need tried and true ones because, despite their complaining, they aren't really open to new foods.


Estella said...

Wow! How lucky they are to have such an amazing breakfast every day! Good for you making them fend for themselves for a while. I think you should get some new recipes. I have an amazing one for Dutch cake which is easy and a big hit in our house...let me know if you want it.

Lisa said...

Hi Estella,

I'd love your Dutch cake recipe.


Estella said...

Will email it tomorrow!

Sarah said...

My mom's granola recipe is really good; we don't eat it straight, though, we mix it with wheat puffs. So it's kind of a cold cereal thing, but you control the ingredients. It might be a nice compromise, because it keeps forever -- so on a day when one of the kids just doesn't feel like taking advantage of the homemade goodness, the granola would be there as an option. Just a thought. Also, you are a total supermom for producing such a steady stream of homemade goodies -- they all sound delicious!

Karen said...

Wow, you can make me those 7 things and I will appreciate and love you forever!!! LOL I just made home-made granola for the first time this weekend - it was quick and easy, less expensive than buying cold cereal, taste fresher than store-bought granola, and like Sarah said, I could control the ingredients. DH eats it like boxed cereal, I like it over yogurt.

Elizabeth said...

Nothing like kids to really drive home the "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" saying. You should send to live here on toast and cheerios for a week - believe me, they'll have a whole new appreciation for your delicious sounding start to the day (hee hee).

I know exactly what you mean about taking it personally. You can't help but feel hurt when you go to all the effort of making a well-thought, homemade and love-infused meal (only to hear a grumble or even watch it devoured in 5 minutes before everyone is off in another direction again - oh wait, now I'm projecting my complaint).