Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good morning!

It's a lovely morning here - Paul (the fabulous husband) is making pancakes for breakfast with Josh's help, Ben is playing on the computer, Zach is reading The Zombie Handbook and Tirzah is watching PBS Kids.

In short - it's peaceful.

Yesterday I had my hair cut and colored. The young girl who does my hair does a really great job and always makes me feel fabulous when she's done with me. If you live in NH and need a new stylist, Meghan at Hair Excitement in Nashua is the person to go to.

After the hair, I went to the airport to see my mother-in-law off. She headed out for Israel yesterday and will be there for a month. I accused her of leaving me in my time of need (Passover is a huge holiday and I'll be running the whole thing this year) but I am happy she'll be having such a good time. It looks like seeing people off at the airport is becoming passe, there were so many people traveling alone. Joan had an entourage of 8 people with her, and I know of at least 5 others who couldn't make it to the airport that said good bye to her earlier in the day.

We went out to dinner and then I brought Ben shopping with me. He wanted to buy a new book and I needed a few things. I am really pleased with my relationship with Ben. We had a good time out together - just a mom and her 12 year old. We laughed and joked and just had fun talking to each other. I hope it lasts throughout teenagerhood. The shock of the day came when we were in the music section, looking for the same CD. We do not have the same taste in music at all, but we were both looking for the Amy Winehouse CD. We listened to half of it on the way home and we really like it.

Yesterday was very low on the arts and crafts progress, although I did get a few rows done on a string grocery bag and late last night I knit a couple of inches on Tirzah's sundress. I've moved from the linen stitch variegated yarn to the stockinette stitch white yarn and it's zipping right along. Her birthday is in 10 days so I'm rather relieved to be at the faster knitting part of the dress.

Today is sewing day - 6 potholders, 2 aprons, hem a skirt and bind a quilt. That should keep me off the streets!


Kristin said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

odd question - was it the Worst Case Scenario Zombie Survival Guide? I will have to look for the Zombie Handbook. Hubby is a Zombie fanatic lol. :)


Lisa said...

The book is: The Zombie Survival Guide, Complete Protection from the Living Dead by Max Brooks.

He is really getting a kick out of it.

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