Thursday, April 10, 2008

Logan's Blocks

I love alphabet blocks, I always have. I love the pictures on them and the building you can do with them. I hate how most kids turn them into projectiles because those corners are really sharp!

A long time ago, before we had children I found the perfect solution - cross stitch blocks assembled with plastic canvas on the inside to give them structure. I love them, and decided I had to have the pattern to make for my kids. Once we had our first, I knew this was a shockingly ambitious project and decided there was no way I could make them while actually raising babies.

Fast forward 12 years and while organizing last year I ran across the book. I now have 2 1-year-old nephews and a baby niece - how perfect would these blocks be?

Now, what you don't know about me yet (but it will become very obvious as time goes on) is that I think I can do anything in about no time. I really can do just about anything but I never estimate how long it will take me to do it. I seriously thought I could get these blocks done in a couple of months, and I was going to make 4 sets of them. That's 624 sides, each side taking me about an hour to do.

I've backed it down to making just one set this year and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they'll get done. A little math tells me I have 132 sides left to do and 265 days to do them in, but I can't forget to factor in sewing the blocks up and stuffing them.

He's a lucky little guy, that Logan.

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Anonymous said...

How wonderful your hand-work!!