Monday, April 14, 2008

The Great 2008 Passover Countdown

I have 5 days (to the hour) to get my house, my pantry and my kids ready for Passover. My husband and I have been married for 14 years so this is the 14th year I've done this, and every year it looks like a hugely daunting proposition. This year my Mother-in-law is in Israel, so it all falls to me.

First there is the Spring Cleaning aspect. Clean the house from top to bottom, air it out, bleach the counter tops (I didn't choose white, but I'm stuck with them) - you know the drill. Second is reorganize the pantry and take out anything with flour or any form of leavening - you'd be surprised how many things have flour or leavening in them. Third is get the kids ready, which means try to work on their attitude. We're a big carb family - we have home-baked goods most days and often for more than one meal. They don't take Passover well.

Here is the apron (Butterick 4945) I made myself yesterday:

It's a very cute green leaf and pink bud fabric. Tirzah has a matching apron but I'm saving hers for a surprise once we start the Passover cooking. This photo is on my front porch. Once the leaves come in, it's a beautiful view.

I made 5 new potholders as well and bought some very cute green, white and pink kitchen towels. At least the kitchen will look all fresh and spring-y. These new kitchen things are really inspiring me to redecorate the house. Redecorating is not in the budget but I am so tired of the look of our house that I may have to come up with a new plan and slowly work toward it. The problem is that I'm not very good at home decorating. I think I don't have an eye for it, but probably I just haven't had enough practice. I have a couple of decorating books and magazines that I may have to pull out for inspiration. But not until next week.

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Philigry said...

oh, love that apron!