Monday, April 21, 2008

Passover Seder

You can tell the children set the table, nothing is straight and some people had two spoons but no forks. All they know is that I appreciated their help and that a bit of silverware bartering went on before we ate.

This is one of the two tables for our Passover Seder this year. We had 21 people the first night and 19 the second night. As always, it was a crazy busy meal with food and plates going back and forth to the kitchen at breakneck speed. I love every minute of it, even now that it's all over and a it looks like a dirty dish bomb went off in my kitchen.

I didn't do any cleaning last night after dinner - when your 21-year-old niece wants to chat, you chat. I feel very lucky that all my nieces and nephews want to sit and talk to me, tell me what's going on with them and sometimes tell me about problems they are having. I have a long history of accepting them as they are and not blabbing to their father (since nothing was ever life-threatening). I wouldn't dream of doing the dishes instead of listening to them. I hope my own kids are as comfortable with me as they get older.

The best news of the weekend is that a long-time family friend is getting married, on our anniversary. We all take that as a good omen because Paul and I will have been married for 15 years on the day she gets married.

And now, my kitchen is calling to me.


Kristin said...

It looks to have been an INCREDIBLE celebration! :) I would love to take part in a Passover Seder one year. We may start the tradition with our family next year. Its something we've thought about for quite some time. :)

Also just made a HUGE announcement on the blog of the "HOLY MOLY" sort, so if you have a moment, stop on by. :)


Philigry said...

that looks, and sounds like so much fun! you are right, the cleaning can wait. quality time with the family is much more important.

KnitPastis said...

I think the table looks very inviting! Infact, pass the Manischewitz. It's been years since I have had that.